Rebel Princess Deluxe Edition (PREORDER)

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Snow White, the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and other princesses are planning to attend a private and lavish five-day-long ball. Alas! Every prince in the land is planning to crash the party. As a free and independent princess, you seek to avoid these overeager Prince Charmings and their unsolicited marriage proposals for you are a... Rebel Princess!

Rebel Princess Deluxe Edition
is a delightfully diabolical trick-taking card game for 3-6 players that is similar, yet thoughtfully different, from the classic game of Hearts.

Instead of avoiding Hearts, players are avoiding Prince Cards as they each represent one marriage proposal. Beware the very eager Frog Prince who's worth 5 marriage proposals! Receive the fewest marriage proposals and become the legendary Rebel Princess.

Each game consists of 5 rounds (one for each day of the ball). Each round adds a unique twist to the ruleset, keeping players on their toes (glass-slippered or otherwise).

At the beginning of the game, players choose a princess who has a unique ability that can be used once each round to help them avoid those obnoxious suitors.

Deluxe Edition Upgrades
Rebel Princess Deluxe Edition provides players with the ultimate Rebel Princess experience, including:

  • 2 new Princesses and 6 new Round cards
  • Princess cards upgraded to thick punchboard tiles
  • Round cards upgraded to Tarot-sized cards with rules text on each card
  • Balance tweaks to existing rules, rounds, and princesses
  • New "shoot the moon" mechanic, allowing players to catch up

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