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It's a hot air balloon festival where your goal is to go higher than your opponents. Dump as many sandbags as you can and even try to gain rockets to send yourself higher and higher to win!

Sandbag is a trick-taking game of avoiding tricks, manipulating trump, and reconfiguring your hand of cards. In each of the three rounds, you'll configure your basket with two face up cards; the most common color of all players' cards is the trump suit. Each trick, players either play from their hand, play a Sandbag (to sluff, or avoid winning the trick), or play one of their opponents' face up cards. Each round, it's possible for the trump to change as the number and kind of face up cards are exchanged for face down sandbags. There are also 5 rocket cards in play each round, worth negative points (that's good for you); you'll need to try to win those while avoiding all of the other sandbag cards! 

Sandbag is a highly interactive trick-taking game for 3-6 players that excels at higher player counts!

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