Replacement Components

Beware of Counterfeit Copies


If you’ve recently received a copy of one of the One Night Series from, please be aware that the copy you received may be counterfeit.
Here are a few possible indicators:
  • Low resolution/pixelated character images
  • Misaligned card backs
  • Bright yellow card backs with the corners not showing the sky behind the moon
  • There should be a linen finish/texture on the cards; not smooth
  • No pronounced square pattern on the cards
  • Incorrect and/or stretched fonts on tokens
  • Outer box is smooth with no textured material
  • Numerous spelling/grammatical errors in rulebooks and on box


 Counterfeit on Left Counterfeit on Left Counterfeit on Left Counterfeit on Left


If your copy matches these indicators, please contact Amazon for resolution. If you are unsure, please fill out the form below and include pictures to help us better determine whether it is counterfeit or not.
We apologize for this inconvenience and are working with Amazon regarding this issue.  
In the meantime, to ensure you receive an official copy, check out  To get free US shipping and discounted international shipping, check out the Wolfpack!




Sometimes even brand new games can included components that aren't quite right, or that even are missing. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally you might break open a brand new game that isn't up to our standards. If that happens, we'll replace the missing or damaged components for you.

If you're located in the United States, follow this process in order to receive replacement components:

1) Create an email with a subject line that reads:

Replacement component (or components) request for [Game Name]

 2) Include the following in the body of the email (use the following template):

Wolfpack Member: Yes or No
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Postal Code:
Phone (required for shipping purposes):
Date Purchased:
Requested Components:


Game is the name of the game you are writing about.

Name & Address is Your full name and address.

Store is the name of the store you purchased the game from. If it is a retail (non-online) store, please include the city and state where the store is located.

Date is the date you purchased the game. If you received the game more than 1 week after purchase, please include the received date as well.

Price is the exact price you paid for the game.

Requested Components is a clear description of the component or components that you would like replaced, along with the type of damage (i.e. miscut, torn, bent, crushed, missing, etc.) for each component.

Photo is one or more photos of all damaged component (no photo is required of any missing component, unless you are a particularly good detective and have located them, in which case they really aren't missing after all, are they?). You must include photos of every damaged component, not just a sampling if there is more than one component you would like replaced.

Wolfpack members receive free shipping within the United States, or discounted international shipping & 10% discount sitewide.

3) Send the email to

We try to respond to requests for replacement components within one or two days of the receipt of your email. However, occasionally it may take up to a week before we are able to respond. If you included all of the information above, you're much more likely to get a response quickly (most of the time that response will include information about when your replacement components will ship to you).

If you're located OUTSIDE of the United States, you have two choices:

1) Create and send an email using the same criteria as listed above. While we will replace your components at no charge, you will be required to pay the cost of shipping replacement components to any location outside of the United States. We'll provide you with the shipping cost for those components, and provide a Paypal invoice for you. Once the Paypal invoice is paid, we'll ship the replacement components to you right away.

2) Return the game to the seller you purchased the game from.

Limitations on replacement pieces:

We do not replace damaged boxes. This is one component we do not have available for replacement, unfortunately. If you receive a box that is damaged via an online purchase, please contact the store you purchased the game from.

We do not replace components for games that were not purchased new in shrink. If your box is not shrink-wrapped, or if it is shrink-wrapped and appears used, you'll need to contact the seller where you purchased the game.

We do not replace components for games sold from stores that sell used or damaged games. Even if those stores sell new games as well, as we have no way of verifying that your purchased game was indeed brand new.

We do not replace components for games sold at less than 50% of the retail price of the game, or purchased from individuals (not stores).

We do not replace components that have misprints. Misprints do happen, but due to the nature of how games are produced, we do not have replacement parts for those components. We regret any time that this happens, and strive to avoid it if at all possible.

We do not replace missing or damaged rulebooks. Many of our rulebooks are available online as PDFs. If you are missing a rulebook, please visit the page for that game on, and you'll likely find the rules in the file section.

We do not replace components for versions of our games published by other publishers. If you have a version of one of our games that is published by a publisher other than Bezier Games, please contact that publisher to obtain replacement components. We do not have any replacement pieces for non-English versions of our games.

We do not replace components due to normal wear and tear. Many items that are part of games can suffer wear and tear over the course of many plays, but this can be avoided if you take basic precautions. For games that have components that are heavily handled, where wear and tear can cause a problem with gameplay, we suggest being extra careful.
One Night games: We provide sleeves for One Night cards on the website, as damaging the back of a card can ruin the game. While these aren't required, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your cards are (1) unlikely to get damaged or marked and (2) indistinguishable from each other. We also provide replacement cards and tokens that you can purchase.

Please use courteous and considerate language when writing us regarding missing components. We hate when things like damaged components happen to us, too, and we'll do our best to make sure you have the best gaming experience possible. We are gamers first and foremost too!