Seers Catalog (PREORDER)

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The latest edition of the Seers Catalog has everything you need for stopping werewolves. Can you limit yourself to the essentials in time to save the village?

Seers Catalog is an almost-shedding card game, where each player tries to get rid of almost all of the cards in their hand. Each round players have a unique set of artifacts that give them asymmetric abilities to help manage their hand of cards.

When one player runs out of cards, the round is scored: Each card is worth -1. But if you have 5 or fewer cards in your hand, the lowest value on those cards is worth positive points! Of course, there’s a catch: once you have 5 or fewer cards, you can no longer voluntarily pass, so holding on to a high value card near the end of the round hoping for a big payout can result in total failure!

Download Seers Catalog Rules

Download Seers Catalog Artifacts Reference

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