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After hiking a local trail, you and your partner have returned to a campsite completely ransacked by pesky critters! Each animal has a different card value, and many have a special action. Be careful, there may be critters who are still hiding and waiting for the right moment to present themselves! Call out “Scram!” when you think your team has the fewest animals in your campsite; but will your team be able to toss out the troublesome trespassers before your neighbors?

 Free Scoring App

Whether you're playing 1 vs 2, 2 vs 2, or 3 vs 3, the complimentary Scram! app will make scoring a breeze! Featuring:

  • Establishing start player
  • Tracks and determines each rounds dealer
  • Verifies if the person who called Scram! was successful or not
  • Calculate scores



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