Suburbia Kickstarter Extras

Suburbia Kickstarter Extras

June 01, 2022

Suburbia Kickstarter Extras
by: Nathan McKeehan


The Suburbia Kickstarter Extras can really take your game of Suburbia to the next level. These extras are metal coins, interactive markers, 15 Collector’s Edition City tiles, 11 Nightlife+ expansion tiles, and 15 double-sided recessed borough boards and player tokens. Let’s talk about how each of these enhances your game of Suburbia!

Metal coins are a huge step up from the cardboard coins that come with the game. They are more tactile and satisfying to have in your hand or supply. The metal coins make every game of Suburbia feel special!

The interactive markers are a huge help for identifying tiles that have an effect on other boroughs. Depending on your lighting or the size of your table, it may be difficult to see all the airports in other boroughs, but you get a bonus for every other airport regardless of which player has it in their borough. If you use the airplane interactive tokens, you can easily see every airport that has been built in every borough. Each of the tokens represents a type of tile that can affect tiles in other player’s boroughs: airports, restaurants, car dealerships, towers, and offices.

The 15 Collector’s Edition City tiles are great new C stack tiles that add a real landmark to your borough. Nothing makes your growing borough feel grander than adding the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, or any of these other famous landmarks! The Nightlife+ tiles add even more to the Nightlife experience of your borough. They integrate perfectly with the Nightlife tiles found in Suburbia Expansions and Suburbia Collector’s Edition. Both the Collector’s Edition City tiles and the Nightlife+ tiles are compatible with either Suburbia Collector’s Edition or Suburbia 2nd Edition, bringing even more replayability to your copy of Suburbia!

The 15 double-sided recessed borough boards are a great addition to any copy of Suburbia. The recesses for the Income and Reputation tracks help keep your pieces in place should something bump the table. There is enough color diversity to appeal for every gamer! Each borough board comes with matching player pieces.

Whether you have Suburbia Collector’s Edition or Suburbia 2nd Edition, this set of extras will enhance your copy of Suburbia, with numerous colorful options for your player board and making tile effects easier to track!

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