Differences Among All of the Suburbia Editions

by Lindsay Schlesser April 02, 2021

Differences Among All of the Suburbia Editions

 We are absolutely thrilled to have updated the classic Suburbia with new and exciting features! Since we made the announcement of Suburbia 2nd Edition in February 2021, many gamers have asked, “didn't you just come out with a Collector’s Edition?” We launched our Kickstarter campaign and fulfilled Suburbia Collector’s Edition in 2019. Since then, we wanted to incorporate many of those updates into a new edition and make it more accessible to the gamer who may not be interested in all of the extra goodies in a Collector’s Edition. There are several differences between the 1st and 2nd Edition of Suburbia as well as the 2nd Edition and the Super Collector’s Edition, continue reading to find out which edition is right for you!

Suburbia vs Suburbia 2nd Edition 

Firstly, all the components in the Suburbia 2nd Edition have been updated with the Collector’s Edition artwork! This includes tiles, player boards, coins, and goal tiles. The tiles are also slightly larger in the 2nd Edition, matching the size of the tiles in the Collector’s Edition.

All new artwork from Suburbia Collector's Edition

New Market Board & Double Sided Score Track

The market board is now rectangular in shape, containing spaces for the tile stacks and goals, opposed to the 1st Edition’s triangular market board. The score track has been significantly reduced in size and is double-sided. Players can now choose which score track they prefer, a score track with a winding path or a left-to-right score track. The first player marker now resembles a miniature skyscraper, and your player score marker is now a meeple. Imagine your meeple waving goodbye to opponents as you race up the score track! 

GameTrayz™ Organizers 

The biggest difference between the 1st Edition and the 2nd Edition is the new GameTrayz™ organizers that are included with the 2nd Edition. They hold all of the games components in a way that makes setting up and putting away the game much faster and easier. Click here to see how to store your Suburbia 2nd Edition & Suburbia Expansions!


Suburbia 2nd Edition vs Super Suburbia Collector’s Edition

There are many differences between the 2nd Edition of Suburbia and Super Suburbia Collector’s Edition. The first and most noticeable difference is that the GameTrayz™ are significantly different between these two editions. Suburbia 2nd Edition contains Gametrayz™ designed to only hold the components and contents as storage. Exclusive to the Collector’s Edition are the GameTrayz™ that is used during gameplay such as the market tray and the resource tray. The GameTrayz™ lids that hold the borders and goals are exclusive to the Collector’s Edition and are not included in the 2nd Edition. 

Suburbia 2nd Edition GameTrayz™ Organizers 

The borough boards are not recessed in the 2nd Edition, and are not city specific like in the Collector’s Edition. The Collector’s Edition score track is larger and features only left-to-right scoring unlike the dual sided score track in the 2nd Edition. The market board in the 2nd Edition is rectangular and is dual sided, whereas the market board in the Collector’s Edition is a GameTrayz™ organizer. The 2nd Edition features a matte finish vs the linen finish you'll find in the Collector’s Edition. Lastly, the metal coins and interactive wooden markers are only in the Super Suburbia Collector’s Edition (Kickstarter Edition) or by individual purchase on our website.


Suburbia Expansions

The new Suburbia Expansions also received a great number of updates! It now matches Suburbia 2nd Edition in tile size, and updated artwork. In Suburbia Expansions you’ll find the following expansions: Suburbia Inc., Suburbia 5 Star, and Suburbia Nightlife, as well as the Essen SPIEL and Con Tiles mini expansions. It does not include the Collector’s Edition City Tiles or the Nightlife promo tiles, they are only found in Suburbia Collector’s Edition. Suburbia Expansions also contain a new star track rather than a whole new market board containing a star track like Suburbia 5 Star did. The GameTrayz™ in Expansions match the same style and size as the GameTrayz™ included in the 2nd Edition. The best part about Expansions? Both Suburbia 2nd Edition & the Expansions fit together in one box! Click here to see how to store your Suburbia 2nd Edition & Suburbia Expansions!


Suburbia Expansions GameTrayz™ Organizers 

Overall, our goal was to take the main updates from Suburbia Collector’s Edition and implement into a brand new edition of the classic Suburbia. The first print run of Suburbia was made in 2012, and this 2nd Edition is now ready for the tabletops of 2021. We hope you enjoy Suburbia 2nd Edition and the Expansions for many, many years! 


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Lindsay Schlesser
Lindsay Schlesser