Summer Game Nights

by Lindsay Schlesser July 01, 2021

Summer Game Nights

Summer Game Nights
by Lindsay Schlesser


After a great day of Summer fun, nothing beats relaxing at night with a game! Whether you’re looking for games that accommodate large family parties, or a quiet game night for two, we’ve got you covered.

Family Fun

These games are excellent for family parties or even when the dreaded rainy day comes along. Either way, make new memories around your tabletop with these two solid options! 



Werewords is an easy and lightweight game that is great for any family size and age!  Players try to guess a secret word by asking “yes” or “no” questions. Figure out the magic word before the time is up & you win! However, one of the players is a Werewolf and is secretly working against you who does not want the magic word revealed. Alas, there’s still hope with a Seer who wants to help uncover the magic word. Grab a copy today, download the free app, & create your own custom word lists for this Summer delight!


New York Slice

Build the ultimate pizza, slice it well and hope you don’t get anchovies! In this delicious “I Slice, You Choose” game, players slice pizzas into portions giving their opponents first choice while they take the leftovers. There are a dozen kinds of pizza to work with, from pepperonis to veggie and the dreaded negative point anchovies. Be sure to serve snacks with New York Slice, players will be hungry while deciding among the slices!

Perfect for 2

Sometimes a lightweight game is all that you need, and we have a couple of great suggestions for you!



Classic card game lovers rejoice! Spy, swap and peek to find Cabo the unicorn in this fun and light card game. Your goal in CABO is to get the lowest amount of points faster than your opponents. Sounds easy, right? Except all of your cards are face down! Spy on one of your opponents facedown cards, swap one of your cards for theirs, and peek to see one of your cards! Have lots of card lovers in your game night?! Grab CABO Deluxe to have two games running simultaneously or an epic CABO tournament!

Silver Series

You’ve tried and liked CABO, but want a bit more of a challenge? Give the Silver Series a try! Silver is a fast and fun traditional card game, similar to CABO, but with a werewolf twist! Each card has a character with a number from 0-13, with the number showing how many werewolves the character on that card attracts. Use your characters’ special abilities to get rid of the fanged fiends faster than your neighbors, and call for a vote when you think you have the lowest sum! Silver can be played standalone or mixed and matched with other Silver decks.


Strategy Games

Ready for a heavier game?! Both of these titles are great gaming options for when you need that little extra oomph. BONUS: they each have a solo mode too!  


Maglev Metro

Plan your train route, build your engine, all the while trying to pick up and deliver passengers quicker than your opponents! One of the coolest features in Maglev Metro is the transparent tiles that allow your route to overlap your opponents, resulting in the game board morphing into a brightly colored subway map. Efficiency is your key to success in Maglev Metro!


Expand your meager neighborhood into a successful suburb to attract the most citizens in Suburbia! Suburbia is a tile laying game where players compete for several goals, and tiles vary each game so you’ll never play the same game twice!

Classic Games

Not sure what to bring to your next family party or game night? Choose One Night Ultimate Werewolf to figure out who is the best liar in your family, and Castles of Mad King Ludwig to determine the best castle designer! 


One Night Ultimate Werewolf

In the course of only one night, players will determine who among them is the werewolf… hopefully! One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fast paced game of deception, detection, & betrayal that will have you playing again and again. Combine with other One Night Ultimate games to add in more devious characters!


Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Players are tasked to build the most extravagant castle for King Ludwig, one tile at a time. Will it be a beautiful castle with Outdoor Rooms?! Or a Downstairs maze full of dark dungeon rooms? The King’s desires change every game ensuring that you will never play the same game twice, or even build the same castle again!

Summer is a great season to create new memories and no matter which game makes it to your tabletop, we hope you have a fantastic time! Join our Wolfpack Membership to save 10% on every product, monthly specials and discounted shipping! This month’s special is just as hot as the weather outside: CABO for only $5 and CABO Deluxe for only $10!

Lindsay Schlesser
Lindsay Schlesser


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