One Night Ultimate Werewolf Tournament

by Lindsay Schlesser June 01, 2023

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Tournament

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Tournament
by: Kevin Padula
Hosting your own One Night tournament can be an exciting and engaging experience for you and your friends! Here's a step-by-step guide to help you organize and run a successful tournament:


  1. Choosing Your Roles:
    • The One Night series offers various interchangeable roles. Take advantage of this and mix and match roles from different titles to create a diverse and engaging game.
    • Depending on your group's experience with social deduction games, choose a balanced mix of roles.
    • Consider the following distribution of villain roles based on the number of players:
      • 5 players: 1 villain
      • 6-7 players: 2 villains
      • 8-9 players: 3 villains
      • 10-11 players: 4 villains
  2. Establishing a Rule Set:
    • Since One Night games are designed to be played multiple times within an evening, create a scoring system to track individual and team victories.
    • For example, award 1 point to each village team member if the village team wins, award 2 points to each werewolf team member if the villain team wins, and award 3 points to any third-party character (e.g., tanner, mad scientist) if they win.
    • Use the same mix of characters for each table to ensure consistency and fairness.
  3. Set-Up:
    • Ideally, have 4-8 players per table, with 6 being the optimal number. Each table should have a separate copy of the game.
    • Provide each player with a sheet of paper to write their name on and track their points.
    • Place the chosen role cards and their corresponding tokens in the center of the table.
    • Play the game as normal, with each table completing a round and the host documenting the winners and their roles.
    • Consider using character stickers or writing down the roles to keep track of wins.
  4. Scoring and Advancing:
    • After six games, tally up the point totals for each player.
    • Seat the players with the highest point totals together at a new table.
    • Play six additional rounds at this table, continuing to track points.
    • The player with the highest cumulative point total at the end of twelve rounds is declared the victor.
  5. Tie-Breaker:
    • Prepare a tie-breaker in case players have the same point total.
    • For example, the player with the most "high scores" (wins) for each round can be declared the winner in a tie-breaker situation.
  6. Hosting:
    • Select a host who is familiar with the game and its mechanics.
    • The host should be responsible for teaching the game, explaining role abilities, managing the order in which roles wake up, and keeping track of time and scores.
    • Utilize the One Night App, if available, to input roles and manage timing.

Remember, these guidelines are recommendations, and you can customize them to suit your preferences. Feel free to experiment and add your own unique elements to make the tournament special! 

You can also participate in official One Night tournaments, such as the 2023 One Night Ultimate World Championship at Gen Con! Click here to sign up today and compete in August!

Have a fantastic time hosting your One Night tournament and enjoy the intense gameplay and social deduction with your friends! Be sure to tag us on social media, we can't wait to see your photos!

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Lindsay Schlesser
Lindsay Schlesser