Meet the Critters Crashing Your Campsite!

Meet the Critters Crashing Your Campsite!

September 02, 2023

Meet the Critters Crashing Your Campsite!

by: Erik Coburn
In the card game Scram!, you’ll be working with your teammate to keep the wildlife away from your camp and send them scurrying toward your opponents’ tents! Inspired by our modern classic Silver, this team-based variant will have you itching for another round each time, and with the mobile app, you can play another round any time you want!

Let the App Teach You!

Maybe you downloaded the app because you’ve played the card game before and you’ve already fallen in love with the animals, but if you’re new to the game, the app has you covered! With the “Teach Me” option, the app will walk you through the basics of the first round and leave you to finish the game on your own.

Keep in mind that the tutorial will only cover the basics- just enough to get you into the game. It’ll leave all of the finer details for you to find on your own, through the course of play. If you’d prefer to know every detail up front, though, (or maybe you’re like me and you just like reading rulebooks), you can access the rulebook itself from the app, too!

Play On Your Own…

One of the biggest advantages of a mobile app is that you don’t need to get a group of people together to play! By choosing “Play Solo,” you can play on your own whenever you want. Hone your skills against bots, come up with clever strategies, or just pass the time playing a couple rounds. These bots won’t mind if you need to drop out of a game early!

Play With Friends

 Solo mode is only one way to play, though! You can also hop online and play with friends around the world- Just create a game, send your friends your game code, and start playing.

Once everyone’s ready and they’ve picked their teams, the game will start. If you ever need to step away, a bot will take over in your place and keep the game going. And when you’re ready to return, you can reconnect to the game, pick up where the bot left off, and finish the game with your teammate!


Of course, if you’re coming back to a game-in-progress, it may be a little disorienting. However, the app offers some features to help with that! You can view the player log to see what everyone did on their previous turns, and you’ll even be able to see which face-down cards you had viewed previously, without needing to remember them.

Accessibility was a big focus with designing the app, and we wanted to make sure the game was easy to put down and pick back up. You don’t need to flex your memory here if you don’t want to- But if you do want to take things more seriously, you can disable the memory hints in the settings menu.

Or Play With Anyone!

If you want to play a quick game of Scram, but you’re tired of playing with bots, you can always jump online to play against anyone. With simple matchmaking, you’ll be able to play a game with anyone else online at the moment, and it’ll be the same experience as playing with friends.


Stat Tracking

Another nice addition with the mobile app is the ability to track your games! Whether you’re playing solo, with friends, or online against anyone, the stats for each individual game will be tracked in the app. This includes wins and losses, your average score, your favorite card, and a handful of other fun statistics!

For some people, this could just be a fun extra detail, but more competitive players will enjoy focusing on keeping their win rate high and then average score low. Compare stats with your friends and figure out who’s the best overall!


The physical Scram! card game is available now as well as the app! Check it out today on iOS:

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