October 01, 2023

by: Kevin Padula

The leaves are changing from pleasant greens to crisp reds & browns, the werewolves are tracking the moon chart, anticipating their monthly transformation, and the pumpkins are eagerly waiting to be carved into to attain their final form- the Jack-O-Lantern.

An outdoor room from Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Jack-O-Lanterns have roots (ha) in Ireland, where they began as carved illuminating turnips, used to ward off supernatural beings. When making the transition to the Americas in the early 19th century, the tradition latched on to a larger vegetable canvas, the pumpkin.
Garlic for Vampires, Jack-O-Lanterns for everything else.

Modern day has seen the narrative changed from warder of evils to cute holiday decor. We at Bezier Games embrace the change, and would like to offer these seasonally appropriate stencils for you to use this Hallow’s Eve.
Tag us in your best board game themed Jack-O-Lantern photos. We’d love to see your gourd-geous creations.

Happy Hauntings!