How To Make Friends Without Getting Eaten

by Lindsay Schlesser June 16, 2020

How To Make Friends Without Getting Eaten

How To Make Friends Without Getting Eaten
by: Matt Ryan

Choosing your favorite Werewolf game is an important decision. How do you find the right Werewolf title that fits your style? Do you prefer a quick party game? Are you more of a role-player? Are you looking for a solid board game with werewolves in it? Well you are in luck, because we are going to go over what each style brings to the table. 

Ultimate Werewolf

Ultimate Werewolf is a unique game of trying to discover and eliminate the werewolves plaguing your village. That is unless you are one of those pesky werewolves, in which case your goal is to eat all the villagers without getting caught! Doesn’t that sound like a great way to make friends? Lying to each other, eliminating each other, eating each other at night. As weird as all that sounds, it is indeed a great way to both meet people and make new friends. If you are new to Ultimate Werewolf, or if you are a veteran player, this is what you can expect at a typical (although not many are “typical”) game of Ultimate Werewolf.

-Ultimate Werewolf plays 5-75 players, we do recommend capping games at 25

-30- 60 mins game time

-If you enjoy this title, Ultimate Werewolf Legacy will take you to the next level!


The Mirror of the Doppelgänger, Ultimate Werewolf: Artifacts Expansion 
Pair your Ultimate Werewolf game with Ultimate Werewolf: Artifacts Expansion to allow each player a special item that makes your game night a little more interesting. These items may affect what team you are on, defend you from Werewolves, or even silence another player for the day.


One Night Ultimate Werewolf


One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a game that takes the same basic idea as Ultimate Werewolf, but shortens it into a condensed 10 minute version. This title plays really well in party atmospheres, as you could play multiple rounds in one night. If you are eliminated in one game, you may be victorious in the next! The free One Night application makes it easy to pick-up and learn and allows players to join in on the fun and leave easily. The app acts as the moderator of the game prompting players to close their eyes and wakes them up one at a time to take their character’s secret action. When everyone opens their eyes, it is your job to try and figure out who the werewolves are before the timer ends! If you happen to be a Werewolf, try not to get busted.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf World Championship, Gen Con 2019 

-One Night Ultimate Werewolf plays 3-10 players

-Games only take 10 minutes

-If you enjoy this title already, there are 4 additional stand alone titles and Bonus Roles that can be added to your game night for more fun

One Week Ultimate Werewolf

Are you a true blue board gamer?  Do components and bits really make you happy? One Week Ultimate Werewolf is the game for you. The theme of the game is a weeklong vacation stay at Ludwig Castle but when you arrive, the castle is infested with werewolves! You decide to spend your vacation flushing them out, and voting on who you think the werewolves are. The challenge is that your role tile is facedown on top of your character marker, and stays facedown throughout the game. As you move about the castle, your tile may be switched by your fellow guests and you may swap your role tile. That allows the game to still have a werewolf feeling within a really exciting board game.

-One Week Ultimate Werewolf plays 3-7

-Each game lasts 30-45 mins

-This is a great game to introduce to people who enjoy One Night Ultimate Werewolf, but may be apprehensive to dive into board games


Tips & Tricks

As every theme of a Werewolf game is social deception, someone will always be attempting to trick you but it’s all in good fun! People will swear up and down that they’re not the werewolf, and it is up to you to decide if they are being honest. Strong werewolves can have you convinced with all of your heart that they are on the village team, and next thing you know you are a midnight snack. Fear not, there are plenty of special villager roles with various abilities to help you find them. 

Every role can be powerful. Often you will hear “I don’t like being a villager” or “I am the worst werewolf”. Our Werewolf games are set up in a way that you will always have a means to contribute to the game. The only time you should be at a loss for words is when you have been eliminated. For roles you don’t feel as confident playing, the best way to get better is to play more games and watch how other players are successful in those roles.


Ultimate Werewolf

The social dynamic of a Werewolf game is what makes it such a great game for getting to know people, and building relationships. We reached out to a handful of Werewolf super-fans to ask them if they had any advice for new people who want to get into these titles, and start making some friends:

 “Don’t forget it is a team game. So you win as a team, even if you have been killed” 

“People in the game WILL LIE, but remember it is a game after it is over” 

“Villagers are underrated, never be sad when you are a villager” 

“Engage as many people in the circle as possible, it gives you information, and helps get everyone participating”

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Now, everyone close your eyes….


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Lindsay Schlesser
Lindsay Schlesser