Holiday Gift Guide

by Lindsay Schlesser December 01, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide

Look out holiday season, we’re armed with gaming goodies and ready for gifting! Keep reading for suggestions on what games to give this year! 

For the hostess with the mostess

Be the perfect guest at your holiday parties with a new game for the hostess! Even better, offer to teach everyone there so they don’t have to even think about reading the rules later. Werewords Deluxe plays up to 20 people and with rounds lasting about 10 minutes each, everyone will want to play again and again!


Werewords Deluxe


For the party animals

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme and its two expansions have just arrived! Ultimate Werewolf Bonus Roles contains 44 unique new roles, and 2 new tokens. Say you’ve played Ultimate Werewolf so much that you’re actually growing fur…. well, Ultimate Werewolf Pro was made for you! This expansion contains over 50 new carefully balanced roles, a new player item and new rules written specifically for experienced players and moderators.

Ultimate Werewolf Pro advanced roles


For those who *literally* have everything

You’ve searched high and low for the coolest new item for that hard-to-buy for a person on your list with no luck. Again. Good news! We have numerous exclusive items available on our website, from promo packs, upgraded components to playmats! Newly added to our website is the fantastic four pack of Silver promo cards. Each set will meld perfectly with any other Silver game, and will bring delight to the card sharks in your life. Perhaps upgrade Suburbia game nights with brand new metal coins? These metal coins are hefty and oh so satisfying to play even with when it’s not your turn.

The Cleaner, part of Silver’s promo pack on Werewolf playmat

Metal coins for Suburbia


For the one who is always designing

Travel to a faraway land where you've been tasked to build the most luxurious and outlandish castle in Castles of Mad King Ludwig. What are they looking for in the new castle? Well, that changes every game which creates endless replayability! Choose from rooms like the Dungeon, Baconry, and Moats to design the best castle for the fanciful monarch! They may also enjoy Whistle Stop where players plan the best routes for your train line to pick up and deliver goods cross country! Pair with its promo pack or the Rocky Mountain expansion for really coal time!



For the Solo Gamer

Scheduling a game night can be difficult, we know, thankfully we have so many games with solo rules! Newly added to our solo games lineup is Whistle Mountain, and it’s free to download on our website! All you need is a printer, and one six sided die. Suburbia, Maglev Metro, Castles of Mad King Ludwig & Whistle Mountain are all excellent games for 1-4 players!  

Whistle Mountain Outlaws, solo expansion


Any $50+ order for US shoppers receives a free copy of CABO with your order or if you spend $100+ you’ll receive Werewords with your order! For international shoppers (due to additional shipping and customs costs), any $100+ order receives a $15 e-gift card for use on a future order. Who doesn’t like free games?! Even the Grinch wouldn't be upset. For all you Wolfpack members, snag Whistle Mountain for only $55 during December. Happy Holidays gamers! 

From all of us at Bezier Games to you, we wish you a happy & safe holiday season with lots of games!

Lindsay Schlesser
Lindsay Schlesser