Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

November 23, 2020

Bezier Games Holiday Gift Guide
by: Ally Gold

The holidays are approaching fast and will be here before you know it! Here are some game suggestions for all the special people on your list:


The Foodie -

New York Slice will have your food loving friends salivating as soon as it hits the table. This “I Slice, You Choose” light strategy game is fun for the whole family and a hit at any game night! Stock up on those pepperonis but watch out for anchovies! This is a way better way to cut carbs in 2021...



The World Traveler - 

While not many of us can travel this year, your friends suffering from wanderlust can escape reality with Suburbia Collector’s Edition and travel to some far away cities via their tabletop. There they can create their ultimate city layout one hex at a time. This Winter, we’ll be dreaming of sunny Orlando!



The Book Worm -

Werewords is an educational favorite and perfect for any teacher, camp counselor, or youth group leader. The game works well for ages 8 and up and you can upload your own custom vocabulary lists - super fun for all subjects, even useful for learning foreign languages. Upgrade to Werewords Deluxe to have the option to play with up to 20 players at once!



The Engineer -

Whistle Stop & Whistle Mountain are two different games that may appeal to the left brained gamers in your life. In Whistle Stop, climb aboard these sweet pastel trains and make your way across the Great American West as you pick up and deliver valuable resources. If your giftee already owns this title, pick them up the Whistle Stop Rocky Mountains expansion or the additional Promo Upgrade tile packs available on our site! They may also love Whistle Mountain, our newest title where you’ll gear up your airship fleet and save your meeples from the rising tides! This title will win the heart of any Worker Placement fans.


The Creator -

Castles Of Mad King Ludwig will appeal to anyone on your list with a creative side. Become a mastermind architect in this tile placement game as you construct the ultimate castle, looking to gain the most victory points along the way! Even when you don’t win, the royal palace you’ve built is oh-so-satisfying to admire!


The Life of The Party -

Our One Night Ultimate Werewolf series is a crowd favorite for get-togethers big or small.  This easy to learn series appeals to the tricksters and debaters of the family who always like to stir up the action! All of the roles in each of these games can be mixed and matched easily with the FREE assisting mobile app.


The Card Shark - 

Cabo and the Silver series will give the card players something new to sink their teeth into this Winter for those cozy game nights by the fire! Cabo is on the lighter side for the whole family to enjoy as you search for the mystical unicorn and other creatures along the way. The Silver series takes the mechanics from Cabo and kicks it up a few notches with amazing abilities and creative combinations for the gamer looking for more interesting strategies.


The Werewolf Fanatic - 

We all have that one friend who just cannot get enough Ultimate Werewolf! Do they have Ultimate Werewolf Artifacts? Do they have all the One Nights? One Week too? Perhaps getting them some of our Ultimate Werewolf Expansion packs, a T-Shirt, or one of these super soft and not-so-terrifying werewolf plushies?

The Video Gamer -
Are some of your peeps just not into tabletop and prefer a digital gaming experience instead? Try getting them a gift card to the App Store or Google Play to download Suburbia or Castles of Mad King Ludwig mobile apps instead - the best of both worlds!


We hope this helps with your shopping! We appreciate all online purchases made but please remember to support your friendly local game stores if you can - it’s been a very hard year for most of them and they are so important to our communities! Have a happy and safe holiday season and game responsibly - You-know-who is watching ;)