Getting into the Spooky Spirit

by Lindsay Schlesser October 19, 2020

Getting into the Spooky Spirit

Getting into the Spooky Spirit
by: Lindsay Schlesser


Halloween this year falls on a Saturday, and not only a full moon but a rare, full blue moon! Whether you’re staying in and playing virtually or getting together with a group of friends, we’ve got great options to keep the atmosphere horrifyingly fun!

Werewords Deluxe

I am a big fan of themed parties, and bringing games that add to the fun atmosphere! Werewords Deluxe is my favorite go-to game to get my family and friends in the spirit, not only can you pretty much get anyone to the table with this title, similar to 20 questions with a traitor twist, but you can fully customize your word list! In the past I’ve created fun weekend themed games with words like Farmer’s Market, Brunch, Sunday Funday, & Saturday Night Fever. For Halloween this year, I’m creating Monster Mash lists with classic monsters like The Blob, The Wicked Witch of the West, Frankenstein, The Mummy, & Dracula. Round 2 will include newer monsters like Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Godzilla, & Mike Wazokski! Fingers crossed none of them will read this and remember the words...




I grew up playing tons of card games, Gin Rummy was my family’s favorite! Once CABO & Silver were released, I was immediately drawn to both games and could not stop playing. One of the most delightful aspects of the Silver series is the option to mix and match cards to create your own unique deck! With each new deck, I find myself cherishing new characters and start imagining epic decks - If you have all four Silver games, I suggest this terrifying deck to play with the card gamers in your life:

0 - Regifter, Silver Coin
1 - Spy, Silver Dagger
2 - Curator, Silver Coin
3 - Sentinel, Silver Dagger
4 - Zombie, Silver Dagger
5 - Exposer, Silver
6 - Huntress, Silver Coin
7 - Elusive Seer, Silver Dagger
8 - Thing, Silver Bullet
9 - Mystic Seer, Silver Dagger
10 - Renfield, Silver Dagger 
11 - Witch, Silver
12 - Gremlin, Silver Bullet
13 - Wolfman, Silver Coin


We had a blast playing with this deck at work recently, everyone had a chance to: interact while protecting their village, with a bit of take that, devious swaps and more!

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

A classic, and one that continues to appear on our tabletops! With rounds playing quicker than 10 minutes each, everyone gets a chance to be a Werewolf, Seer, Villager or Tanner. Looking to spice up your One Night Ultimate Werewolf game night? Whip up fresh garlic bread and sink your teeth into One Night Ultimate Vampire! Before the full moon rises and everyone closes their eyes, first the sun has to set and dusk appears. Multiple fangtastic characters materialize and perform their abilities during this stage of twilight. Also available are incongruous Aliens, and Super Villains! Create an epic battle of werewolf wits by combining different games together for One Ultimate game!



2020 Costume Contest

What’s Halloween without dressing up? Last year our team had just landed from the amazing Essen Spiel 2019, and threw together a great costume contest of our own!  The only requirement was that you had to dress up as a character from any Bezier Games’ title! Our team did such a great job dressing up, we had a Villager, Goth Girl, The Cursed & The Witch show up for work that day! We did have one team member who decided not to participate, thankfully a local store had the perfect headband for him to transform into the mythical CABO unicorn!


Every year we see fans dressing up as their beloved Bezier Games’ character, and this year we’re hosting a FAN COSTUME CONTEST! Dress up as any character or title in the Bezier Games' realm for a chance to win one of THREE prizes! 1st place winner will receive a $100 Bezier Games gift card and a Wolfpack Membership. 2nd place will receive a $50 Bezier Games gift card and a Wolfpack Membership & 3rd place will receive a $25 Bezier Games gift card and a Wolfpack Membership! Rules for entry: must be following our Facebook Page, Instagram Account OR Twitter; you only have to follow one. Post your Bezier Games costume during October with #HowlBezierGames & tag three friends in your post!

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No matter how you celebrate this year, be sure to check out our Halloween sale: 20% off select products! Wolpfack Members receive an extra 10% off, plus three additional exclusive savings, $5 Ultimate Werewolf Expansion Packs, $50 Ultimate Werewolf Legacy, and Ultimate Werewolf Legacy Replay Packs for only $15! Get your claws on these great deals and have a killer spooky season!

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Lindsay Schlesser
Lindsay Schlesser