Happy Haunting!

by Lindsay Schlesser October 01, 2021

Happy Haunting!

 Happy Haunting Gamers!

What’s October without scary movies, telling urban legends and shrieking at night terrors? If you're wondering witch way to the fun, keep reading and add these eerie-sistable games to your spooky night of delight!

Who can resist watching classic monster movies? How about turning it into a horrifyingly fun filled evening by dressing up as your favorite villain, and starting off with a game of Ultimate Werewolf and the Classic Movie Monster Expansion! Roles in this expansion include The Blob, The Mummy, Dracula, the Zombie, and Frankenstein’s Monster. Maybe telling frightening tales around the campfire is more your speed? Bloody Mary, Chupacabra, the Wolf Man, Leprechaun, Sasquatch  and Nostradamus from the Urban Legend Expansion create a chilling scene in any game of Ultimate Werewolf! Bonus points if you win as the villain you’ve dressed up as!

Looking for a game full of deception, lies, secrets, and no elimination? Check out Ultimate Werewolf Inquisition! This stand alone game of deduction is a great combination of Ultimate Werewolf and One Night Ultimate Werewolf.  Werewolves have infested the local village, and they have asked that you and your team of inquisitors discover who they are! 


What’s that you say? Strategy is what calls to you from beyond? Pick up Castles of Mad King Ludwig to satisfy your puzzle-y, tile laying craving! Each player acts as a building contractor who is adding rooms to the castle they’re constructing while pricing and selling rooms in a public market for other players. We dare you to create the most haunted castle possible with these King’s favors: Downstairs Size Favor, Courtyards, Incomplete Rooms, and Corridor Rooms. 

2021 Costume Contest

We also adore Halloween for the sheer fun of dressing up. Last year we had two werewolves, one Nostro from Silver Coin and the Sanderson Sisters!  

Every year we see fans dressing up as their beloved Bezier Games’ character, and this year we’re hosting a FAN COSTUME CONTEST! Dress up as any character or title in the Bezier Games' realm for a chance to win one of THREE prizes! 1st place winner will receive a $100 Bezier Games gift card, 2nd place will receive a $50 Bezier Games gift card & 3rd place will receive a $25 Bezier Games gift card, plus all winners will receive a Wolfpack Membership! Rules for entry: must be following our Facebook Page, Instagram Account OR Twitter; you only have to follow one. Post your Bezier Games costume during October with #HowlBezierGames2021 & tag three friends in your post!

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Trick or treat yo’ self to a new game today and check out our Halloween sale: 20% off select products! Wolfpack Members save an additional 10% AND have three additional exclusive savings, $5 Ultimate Werewolf Expansion Packs, $10 Ultimate Werewolf Inquisition, $10 Werebeasts, $15 Werebeasts Deluxe, and a $15 Lyin’ Wolf plushie! Wishing you a month full of games that delight and just the right amount of frights!

Lindsay Schlesser
Lindsay Schlesser