Graphic Designer Spotlight

by Lindsay Schlesser May 02, 2022

Graphic Designer Spotlight

Alanna Kelsey (pronounced Uh-La-Nuh Kell-see) is the Senior Graphic Designer at Bezier Games. She is the very talented individual behind a lot of the artwork featured in titles the company has released over the past couple years! We recently interviewed Alanna in between projects, her answers are indicted by AK.


Q: What made you go into the creative world of Graphic Design?

AK: Well, I have always been interested in both art and computers/technology. When I was very young, I remember using KidPix and Paint for hours on end. I was in every extra curricular art class I could handle, and when High school rolled around I was finally able to take my first Graphic Design class. I immediately knew that was what I wanted to do for my career.


Q: There are so many different and unique Bezier Games titles, and largely differentiating artistic styles. How do you approach design for each new project?

AK: The biggest thing that has helped me approach new projects, especially ones out of my style comfort zone, has been gathering inspiration and looking at good work that has the style I think would coincide well with whichever title I am working on. Another big thing for me is soundscaping. Sometimes you have to pick the right sounds to work to in order to inspire design that will be cohesive to each piece.

 Close up of Mechs Maglev Metro Map

 Close up of Mechs Maglev Metro Map

AK: Alphonse Muca was one of my inspirations for Paris expansion map. I used numerous curved motifs, detailed arches, and ornate designs reminiscent of the beautiful Parisian Art Nouveau movement.

Alphonse Muca artwork

Closeup of Paris Maglev Metro Map

Closeup of Paris Maglev Metro Map


 Q: What has been your favorite project to work on?

AK: That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say the Maglev Maps Expansions. I was far from bored designing the maps because they’re all so unique. I approached each map as a separate project and while it was difficult to switch gears so quickly, it was not only fulfilling and enjoyable, but also a challenge. I also really liked working on Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector’s Edition, though, but I think Maglev Metro Maps takes the cake.


Mars Maglev Metro Map

Moonbases Maglev Metro Map

Paris Maglev Metro Map

London Maglev Metro Map

Mechs Maglev Metro Map

Monorails Maglev Metro Map


Q: What are you also passionate about?

AK: Pottery and motherhood! I love ceramics and everything clay related, and sharing my love for art and design with my daughter.


Recent pottery mugs by Alanna


Q: What is your favorite Bezier Games title? Why?

AK: Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector’s Edition, hands down. Mostly because it's beautiful but also because of its replayability. Every game is so unique and unpredictable, and no matter what your score, you get to create a beautiful castle by the end of the game!

 Colossal Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Colossal Castles of Mad King Ludwig

Lindsay Schlesser
Lindsay Schlesser