Fright Night with Gaming Delights

Fright Night with Gaming Delights

October 01, 2022

Fright Night with Gaming Delights
by: Nathan McKeehan & Lindsay Schlesser


It’s October and time break out all of the scary fun games! We’re thinking: Ultimate Werewolf, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Werewords, & more!!  Let’s talk about the best hair raising Ultimate Werewolf characters and villages that are sure to get thrills at your Halloween game night!

Some of the scariest villages in Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme contain a third party that sows chaos into the village, the Independent Team. Whether it’s a role that is secretly recruiting more members such as The Blob, the Cult Leader, or the Zombie, or a lone role that is hunting on its own such as the Bogeyman, Chupacabra, or Nosferatu, the independent roles have a huge impact on the game. Below are several 11 player villages, each with its balance tilted toward a specific experience.



The first village is balanced in favor of the village team. It starts with the One-Eyed Seer who must get any wolf, including false wolf lycans, eliminated before they get another night phase view of the village. Next are two roles that fluctuate the number of eliminations. First is the Diseased, which can reduce the number of night phase wolf eliminations. Second is the Hunter who gets an extra shot at eliminating a wolf after they are eliminated. With those special village team roles are 5 plain Villagers. However, the wolf team is made up of one normal Werewolf and the Assassin Wolf, who can take someone with them when they are eliminated. And for a bit of fright in the game, the Chupacabra is also hunting in this village. They begin the game by hunting for wolves, but will switch to eliminating villagers once the wolves are all out of the game. The village team must eliminate both the wolves and the Chupacabra in order to win.



The next village is balanced toward the wolf team which is made up of a Werewolf, a Dire Wolf, and the Minion who knows the wolves and wins with them. The village is made up of the Apprentice Seer, the Revealer, and 5 Villagers. Finally, the Zombie is in the village, taking away the ability to vote from a new player every night. That may help the wolf team secure the votes they need to protect themselves, or it may take away their votes so they can no longer protect themselves from being eliminated.



The third village is balanced for chaos: two team switching roles are in this village. The first is the Cursed, who can become a Werewolf if they are targeted by the wolves. The second is the Doppelganger. During the first night, they choose a player. When that player is eliminated, the Doppelganger becomes their role. The wolf team is made up of a Werewolf and the Wolf Cub, giving the wolf team a chance at an extra elimination to find the Cursed and have them join their team. The village team consists of a Seer, the Bodyguard, and 5 Villagers. We’ve added the Bodyguard to protect the village but also to add uncertainty as to whether the Bodyguard succeeded or the Cursed became a wolf on any night without an elimination.



We hope you enjoy these three very different yet balanced villages with your groups. Remember that when you are creating a village, it should be about 50% plain Villagers, 25% village support, and 25% wolves. Groups that are familiar with each other will tend to village team victories, so you will need to strengthen your wolf teams. Groups that are unfamiliar with each other will tend to favor wolf team victories, so you will need to strengthen your village teams. The Ultimate Werewolf Moderator app lets you choose how you’d like to balance your village before you create it and save your favorite decks. Join our Ultimate Werewolf Facebook group to connect with other Ultimate Werewolf players and exchange ideas for village compositions!

Werewolves, and Aliens, and Vampires, oh my!



One Night Ultimate Werewolf is our bestselling game for numerous reasons: deceptively fun, quick gameplay, no moderator, and positively entertaining! No experience? No problem with our One Night app, that’s your game night moderator! Enjoy the unknown thrills that come with the night phase, where each person performs their action in secret & one at time. Wake up to try figure out the puzzle of what happened the previous night, before the timer runs out! Add mischievous characters from One Night Ultimate Daybreak, One Night Ultimate Alien, One Night Ultimate Vampire and One Night Ultimate Super Villains to create your own character combinations. Get your paws on One Night Ultimate Werewolf and see what all of the hype is about!

Headed to a Halloween party this year? Bring Werewords Deluxe as your sidekick! Werewords & Werewords Deluxe is unlike any other word game: a mute mayor knows a magic word that will banish all of the threatening werewolves in the village. However, there is at least one werewolf in your crowd who desperately does not want the magic word to be revealed. Ask yes or no questions to figure out the magic word and determine who is the werewolf before time runs out! This fang-tastic party game can be taught in just a few minutes, non-gamers and gamers will enjoy it, rounds are fun and fast PLUS it can play up to 20 people!


Buy Ultimate Werewolf Extreme and get Ultimate Werewolf Bonus Roles or Ultimate  Werewolf Pro 50% off during October for our Wolfpack members! No matter what delights are on your fright night agenda, we hope you will take us along! Tag us in your photos on social with @beziergames or #beziergames! Happy Halloween!