Differences Among All Of The Ultimate Werewolf Editions

Differences Among All Of The Ultimate Werewolf Editions

July 01, 2022

Differences Among All Of The Ultimate Werewolf Editions
by: Nathan McKeehan 


With so many different Ultimate Werewolf variations, how do you know which one is the right one for you?! Keep reading gamer, and discover what fun is waiting for you! Ultimate Werewolf is your entry level option. Next is Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme, then Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme Collector’s Edition and finally Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme Super Collector’s Edition. Each of these games contain everything in the previous version and MORE! Let’s begin at the bottom and look at how each of these versions increases the amount of werewolf-y goodness you get as you go. All 4 games have the same artwork on the back and unique QR codes that allows them to be used with the Ultimate Werewolf Moderator App.


Ultimate Werewolf

Ultimate Werewolf is our entry level game, and can play up to 25 people! Including 34 role cards with classics such as the Seer, Bodyguard, Hunter, and Tanner. If you are looking to dip your toes in the water to find out if social deduction is right for you and your gaming group, this is the perfect version to try!

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme is a great step up from Ultimate Werewolf. It includes the 34 role cards that are in Ultimate Werewolf plus 54 additional cards, supporting up to 75 of your closest friends in 3 simultaneous games! The Ivory Tower token grants protection to the first eliminated player. That player cannot be the first eliminated player in the next game, they will be oh so happy! Additionally, this version comes with a Moderator Scorepad to help moderators track more intricate games with complex roles. Finally, this version comes with a GameTrayz™ organizer to help you sort your cards with room to add expansion cards.

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme Collector's Edition

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme Collector’s Edition is a big step up from Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme. It contains a total of 196 role cards, a full 108 more than Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme. The extra 108 extra role cards make up Ultimate Werewolf: Bonus Roles and Ultimate Werewolf: Pro separately. In addition to the Ivory Tower, the Collector’s Edition also includes the Tasty Sandwich, Magical Charm, and Judge’s Gavel tokens, each of which includes a new rule to affect gameplay and create new decisions for your players. Additionally this version comes with 25 award certificates to give out to your players for exceptional play and a bumper sticker to show your Ultimate Werewolf pride! It also comes with several items to help out moderators: 200 card sleeves to protect your cards, a name card pad so you can scan in your players’ names in the Ultimate Werewolf Moderator App, and a portable deck box so you can fit your card setups in your bag and take it with you to any gathering!


Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme Super Collector's Edition

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme Super Collector’s Edition takes the Collector’s Edition and goes deluxe! There are several items that enhance gameplay in the Super Collector’s Edition. First, the Artifacts expansion is included in the Super Collector’s Edition that gives each player an artifact that can change the game, because no one is just a normal Villager anymore when you play with Artifacts. The 4 tokens are no longer cardboard, instead awesome 3D miniatures! Thanks to 25 polarized sleeve inserts you can prevent your neighbors from “accidentally” seeing your role card. Easily one of our teams favorite components are the 25 RIP red slap bracelets that can be given out to eliminated players! Active members of the village can easily see who is still in the game without making eliminated players leave the circle. Super Collector’s Edition also comes with a second, tarot-sized set of all 196 role cards and 25 tarot card envelopes to protect and conceal the cards during play. And finally, the Super Collector’s Edition comes with a Werewolf Warning Sign, so you can mark your den to warn players of all the Ultimate Werewolf fun they are about to have!

What do you think about the various levels of Ultimate Werewolf? Which version is right for you and your group? How deep into the werewolf den are you ready to travel?