A New Way to Run Your Ultimate Werewolf Games

A New Way to Run Your Ultimate Werewolf Games

April 02, 2023

A New Way to Run Your Ultimate Werewolf Games
by: Erik Coburn
Let’s face it- Ultimate Werewolf can be pretty intimidating for new moderators. There are a lot of different roles to manage, plenty of details to keep track of, and tons of different options for setting the game up in the first place! But the new Ultimate Werewolf Moderator App is finally here to simplify all of that. Let’s take a look at some of the features it offers. 

Running the Game

When you first start the app and tap Scan & Play, you’ll be greeted with a first-time help screen explaining how to get the game started.
It was really important for us to keep the app easy to use, even as we kept adding more features throughout its development. The card scanner will identify each card using the QR code on the back, and it’ll work for standard cards or tarot cards (in the Collector’s edition). It even works through card sleeves with no issue!

Once you have all the cards scanned, you can start the game. The app will walk you through each of the roles every night and tell you what to say out loud, while also providing tips and instructions to the moderator for more complicated situations.

Do you have a Seer that’s viewing a Wolf next to The Cloak, or maybe a Villager-turned-Lycan? What if the Seer also got their views scrambled by the Illusionist? You don’t need to track any of that- The app takes it all into account and will only show you what the Seer should see.
Seers aren’t the only thing getting special treatment in the app, either. All 141 different roles, across all games and expansions, have been uniquely implemented to make any combination easy to moderate. Maybe you have the Hunter eliminated during the day, and they take out the Grave Robber. So then the Grave Robber tries to steal the Copycat’s role, who originally targeted the Hunter with their ability. If you’re not sure how this should play out, that’s okay! Just follow the prompts from the app, and it’ll all be resolved automatically.

You don’t need to be a pro Werewolf moderator to keep a complicated game running smoothly!


Using the Deck Builder

Another feature to help get you started is the Deck Builder. After you select which games and expansions you own, maybe exclude cards you don’t want to play with, you can randomly generate a deck to suit your player count, balance, and level of complexity. If you want a bit more control, you can select any specific cards you want and the app will generate a deck around those cards to provide a balanced game.


Once you’re happy with your deck, you can also save it. This way, you can get all the prep work done before the game night, and just reference any of the saved decks whenever you need to. Maybe you want to have a basic 6-player deck for new groups, a complicated 8-player set for your usual Werewolf get-togethers, a crazy 10-player deck with no normal Villagers just for a wild ride, and anything else you can think of adding.

Customizing the Timer

While you’re running the game, your secret “moderator only” phone screen can also turn into a public timer display. This is perfect for applying pressure to an uncertain village, and it’s filled with customizable settings!

This interface can be used during the day or the night, it can give extra time to let someone defend themselves, and you can even disable the displays to only show the sun moving across the sky- Great for giving a sense of how much time is left, without being explicit.

There are plenty of additional settings here as well. Change the length of each day and how much shorter they get each round, the length of each night or the defense timer, or even change up the alarm sounds themselves. All of these settings can also be saved in a preset, so you can always have different configurations for different groups.

Custom Roles

The entire goal of this app is to make it easier for anyone to run their own game, but there are still some features here for the diehard fans. Introducing - Custom Role Support!

The Bonus Roles expansion includes two blank cards to design your own roles, and since those cards have QR codes too, it would only make sense to support them in the app, too! Just like with the decks and timer presets, you’ll be able to create multiple different roles and save them all. Just scan the two that you’re currently using and they’ll be available to use in the app just like any other card.

If your role mixes and matches the abilities of other cards in the game, then you’ll be able to specify each of those abilities in any combination. If your design is really crazy and unique, though, you may want to settle for just some custom messages. However you plan on using this feature, it’s designed to work with whatever you can come up with! 

There are plenty of other little features and settings, but this should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. We are so excited for you to try it out! 

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If you have any questions or comments regarding the app, please contact us as feedback@beziergames.com  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!