Ultimate Werewolf Moderator *Preview* app

Generate Ultimate Werewolf decks, scan players and their cards, and run Ultimate Werewolf games easier than ever! This preview of the upcoming official companion app to Ultimate Werewolf requires either Ultimate Werewolf (4th edition), Ultimate Werewolf Extreme (including the Kickstarter version), Ultimate Werewolf Bonus Roles, and Ultimate Werewolf Pro.

Build custom Ultimate Werewolf card decks with various deck attributes, such as the number of players, village/werewolf balance, length of game, moderator difficulty, role information, and specific roles. Save those decks in the app for future reference. Deal those cards to players, and then quickly scan the backs of the cards, the names of the players, and the faces of the players themselves into the app. Start the game, and the app will walk you through each day and night phase, including waking up each role at night, marking players who have been targeted by werewolves, and eliminating players.

This is a preview release, and there are many features that are not complete or have not been entirely implemented:

– Dice Tower Kickstarter roles are not implemented
– Scanning workflow is not optimized
– Some complex role interactions are not implemented
– Day and Night timers do not contain all the features of the UW Timer app

Please report any issues found to feedback@beziergames.com.