Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector's Edition Kickstarter Extras

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The beautiful art in the new edition of Castles of Mad King Ludwig deserves to be enjoyed with these regal components!  

Swans and Foyers - So many colors, so little time...and at such a great price!  You will swoon at the beauty of these colorful Swan Markers swimming along your score track!  Each set of Swans and Foyers includes 15 additional colors of Swan Markers and Foyer tiles.

Coins and Tokens - These thick, hefty components are sure to add to the overall luxurious feel of the new edition of Castles of Mad King Ludwig!  Each set of Coins and Tokens comes with:

  • 30 x 5000 coins
  • 50 x 1000 coins
  • 31 x King's Favors tokens (35 x King's Favors tokens w/Renovations)
  • 5 x Sets of 8 Swan Tokens

Complete Set - Includes Swans and Foyers and Coins and Tokens.


***Please note that not all options include the poker chip favor tokens that come with the Renovations expansion.  Please make sure you are selecting the correct configuration.***

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