One Night Ultimate Super Heroes app

Requires the One Night Ultimate Super Hereoes boardgame.

In One Night Ultimate Super Heroes™, players take on the roles of heroes or villains, each with amazing superpowers that help further their cause. The vile trio of Rapscallion, Dr. Peeker, and Henchman #7 are intent on getting away with their crimes, while the members of the Super Club Of Overt Powers (SCOOP), are all out to catch them. Shady Grove… maybe even the world… will never be the same.

One Night Ultimate Super Heroes is a standalone game in the One Night series that's perfect for the whole family to enjoy, challenging you to capture the baddies and save the world!

This free companion app provides amazing narration from Eric Summerer that guides players through the night phase of the game. Super Heroes features artwork done in a classic 90's style.



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