Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Expansions

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Hear ye, hear ye!  Come one, come all!  Cross the moat, tour the menagerie of new rooms, and enter one of our newly constructed towers via a secret passage!  Mind the swans, they bite!

Castles of Mad King Ludwig Expansions contains so much extra content for Castles of Mad King Ludwig, it's a small miracle it all fits into one box.  Can we even fit it all in the product description?  

  • Renovations - Do you regret placing the King's Bedroom right next to the Orchestra Room?  Don't hesitate to renovate!  Each Renovation counts as TWO room types and upon completion gives you TWO completion bonuses!  Why would we do such a thing?  Perhaps we're mad!
  • Secret Passages - "Oh man this room doesn't fit!"  Say this no more thanks to Secret Passages.  Not only do these nifty little passageways provide for more connection opportunities, they double the score!
  • Moats and Barbicans - For the space efficient among us or if you would like an added challenge, you can add moats to keep your castle safely contained within.  Not only do they keep out invading forces, moats provide additional bonus points for rooms built inside the moat's protective walls!
  • Swan Tokens - Just like real swans, these swan tokens will have you deciding between immediate and delayed gratification.  Are you hurting for money?  Trade in swans for cash!  Or maybe you've made good life choices and have all the money you need?  Use your collected Swan Tokens for BIG points at the end of the game!
  • Royal Decrees - You get a special ability!  And you get a special ability!  Everyone gets a special ability!  These special abilities range from in-game bonuses to end game scoring opportunities.  What's that?  One special ability is not enough?  Then try out the variant the gives everyone TWO special abilities! 
  • Towers - Sometimes the public King's Favors just don't jive with the vision you have for your castle.  Completing a towers not only gets you a completion reward for its room type but your very own private King's Favor!  These score just like the public favors (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place) but you are the only one to get points!
  • 5th Player - Who wants to volunteer to be the 5th player at your next game night?!
  • And More!!! - In addition to all of this great content, Expansions includes more bonus cards, more rooms, and more favor tokens that utilize different aspects of each module.  

Whew!  After reading about all of that awesome content you really have to ask yourself one question: If you don't have Castles of Mad King Ludwig Expansions, do you even architect, bro?

Castles of Mad King Ludwig Expansions Rulebook


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