UW Moderator App Quick Start

Getting Started With the Ultimate Werewolf Extreme App

Please note that the current build as of October 2021 is a preview build. Not all functionality is in place, and some of the existing functionality is not yet working as intended. See the list of known bugs at the bottom of this document.



  • The app requires you to have a copy of at least one of the following:
  • The app consists of 2 parts:
    • Deck Builder: Generate decks based on player count, which games/expansions you have, and specific criteria
    • Gameplay Assist: Scan players' cards, names, and faces after cards have been dealt, then use the app to assist you in moderating the game.

Deck Builder

Before using the Deck Builder, click the Options gear and turn on the games and expansions you own. If you are a 2020/21 Kickstarter backer, turn on Extreme, Bonus Roles, and Pro.
  • Each deck attribute except Players can be toggled on and off.
  • Balance is the sum of the numbers printed on the bottom left of each card.
  • Difficulty is how hard it is for the moderator to run the game.
  • Games with more difficulty have an increased amount of information the moderator must keep track of in the game.
  • Length is how long the game should last.
  • Shorter games will have extra elimination roles. Longer games will have extra protection roles.
  • Info is how much information is available to the village during the game.
  • Roles like the Seer provide info. The amount of information is denoted by the number of cracks in the top of the fence post.
  • Info will automatically increase incrementally as you add more players.
  • Create Deck will make a deck based on your selected deck attributes.
  • Choose Cards will let you pick specific cards to include in your game.
  • Saved Decks will take you to your previously saved decks.

Options (Gear icon)

ON is brown with white text and OFF is gray with dark gray text.


  • Choose the sets you have by clicking on them.
  • This determines which cards are available in the Deck Builder.
  • 1:00 Days is the timer for the length of the Day Phase.
  • Use the +/- buttons to change the length of the Day Phase.
  • 1:00 WW is the length of the Werewolf timer.
  • Use the +/- buttons to change the length of the Werewolf timer.
  • This is important if you are using the Bogeyman
  • Scan Names toggles name scanning
  • ON scans in player names along with the cards.
  • Scan Faces toggles face scanning
  • ON scans a player’s face after you scan a card.
  • Show Scanned shows the role just scanned at the top of the screen.          
  • This is useful for the Moderator, but be careful not to allow the players to see your screen.
  • Play Music plays music during the night phase.
    •  Wake Dead continues asking for night actions for eliminated roles.
  • Important in “No Reveal” games where players do not know if particular roles have been eliminated.
  • Main Menu will return you to the main menu
  • Scan Regular/Tarot/Tarot Sleeve changes the type of card you are scanning.
  • Tarot cards are only available with the Kickstarter edition.

Create Deck

  • The screen shows the roles included in the deck based on selected deck attributes.
  • You may need to scroll to see all the roles in the deck.
  • Roles with multiple copies have a red circle with the number needed.
  • Reshuffle creates a new deck with the current deck attributes.
  • Save & Scan & Play saves the deck and lets you start scanning cards.
  • Tap on "Deck Name..." to edit the name of your deck.
  • After you Save, the app will prompt you to begin scanning in cards and players.
  • Save This Deck saves the deck.
  • Tap on "Deck Name..." to edit the name of your deck.
  • After you Save, the app will take you to a list of saved decks.

Choose Cards 

  • The Choose Cards plank at the top of your screen shows how many cards are chosen out of the number of players (from the Deck Builder screen).
  • There are 4 tabs, each for different types of roles.
  • Village Team contains roles for the Village Team: Light and Dark Blue fenceposts.
  • Wolves contains the wolves on the Werewolf team: Red fenceposts.
  • Lone Wolves and Red Wolves can be found under Independent
  • WW Team contains the roles that are on the wolf team but are not wolves.
  • Independents contains all other roles.
  • Roles can be scrolled up to see more

  • Deck Builder returns you to the main Deck Builder screen.
  • This allows you to modify deck attributes before creating a deck.
  • Create Deck creates a deck with your deck attributes and selected roles.

Saved Decks

  • Saved Decks lists the decks you have saved.
  • These decks remain here for future use until you remove them.
  • This list is scrollable.
  • Below each deck is a list of the attributes used to create the deck, even for ones where you turned those attributes off on the Deck Builder screen.
  • Selecting a deck will show you the cards in it.
  • Clicking on the red X will delete a saved deck.
  • Once you click on a saved deck, select Scan and Play to begin scanning cards into the game.
  • Deck Builder returns you to the Deck Builder screen
  • Main Menu returns you to the Main Menu.

Scan & Play 

Card scanning only works with cards that have a QR code on their backs:

  • Scan & Play opens the card scanner.
  • Players should write their names at the top of a name card (download name cards here, or just use white paper)
  • Position role cards with a name card behind and slightly above it to scan roles and names simultaneously:
    • If name scanning is turned on (in Options) and a name isn’t scanned (either it was missing or it was unreadable), you will be prompted to enter a name.
    • If name scanning is turned off (in Options), it will not input names as you scan.
    • If Face Scanning is turned on (in Options), you will be prompted to scan the player’s face after their role card is scanned.
    • In cases of bad lightning or when a player doesn’t want their face scanned, there is a button at the bottom of the screen to manually take a picture.
    • In the top right corner there are 3 toggles: Name/Role, Photo/Art, and Team
    • Name/Role toggles between the player’s name and their role’s name.
    • Photo/Art toggles between the player’s photo and their role’s art.
    • Team toggles between showing and hiding the role's team.
    • Start starts a game using the scanned cards.

    Day 0 screen

    • In the top left corner is a Day Phase Timer and a Day Count.
    • Tap a player to expand it into the middle of the circle.
    • Tap the Name/Role plank to edit the player’s name.
    • Tap the Camera to retake the player’s picture.
    • Tap the X to eliminate the player from the game.
    • The Undo Arrow at the bottom of the screen undoes an elimination.
    •  Tap Left Arrow on Day 0 to scan more roles.
    • Tap the Left Arrow on subsequent Day/Night phases to return to the previous phase/action.
    • Tap Right Arrow to progress to the next Day/Night phase.
    • The first time you tap this arrow, Night 0 begins and you should instruct the players to close their eyes.

    Night 0 and the Rest of the Game 

    • Night 0 starts with any wake text you need to say.
    • Be sure to tell awake players to go back to sleep.
    • Clicking the right arrow will progress you through all roles that have Night actions.
    • Roles are often instructed to choose 1 or more players.
    • To choose a player, tap their image. This will bring it to the center.
    • Tap Mark Role to mark their role with the current night action role.
    • If you marked a role accidentally, click Mark Role again to deselect it.
    • Tap the role in the center of the circle to return it to its original location.
    • Marked Roles have a small icon of the role that marked them.
    • After the last role with a Night action has been completed, the following Day phase will begin.
    • Eliminate any roles that have been marked for elimination.
    • Eliminate roles by tapping on them to bring them to the center of the circle. Then tap the X under the image.
    • Click the Play button on the Day Timer to begin the timer after you complete all dawn eliminations.
    • After the game has started, the Gear icon will take you to the Options screen, which has a Door Button at the bottom.
    • You can use this to exit the game at any time (progress will NOT be saved)
    • After one team has reached its victory condition, tap the Door Button to exit the game.


    Scanning Tips 

    • Write your name with a Sharpie for best results
    • On some devices, the card should *not* fill the frame completely for best results
    • Scan players in a clockwise circle, starting with the player to the moderator's left

    Known issues: 

    – Dice Tower Kickstarter roles are not implemented

    – Scanning is functional, but not optimized (errors during scanning may occur)
    – Some complex role interactions are not implemented yet
    – Day and Night timers are functional, but do not contain all the features of the UW Timer app yet

    – Saved Deck List are very small

    – Play Music and Wake Dead options buttons are reversed (currently gray for on and brown for off)

    – Create Deck/Reshuffle doesn't show all cards

    Please report any additional issues found to feedback@beziergames.com.