Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector’s Edition FAQ and Errata

Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector’s Edition

FAQ and Errata

Changes from 1st Edition:


The different sides of the board are not for different player counts, but are instead for different scoreboard orientations.


Moats were previously counted towards Favors such as “Rooms without Swans.” They no longer count towards these Favors.

Choose any Barbican piece and place your Foyer in it in any 90 degree orientation. This may cause you to have 3 or 4 entrances to your Foyer. All entrances must be connected to a room in order for your Barbican to be complete, including the entrance across the drawbridge. For Colossal, choose the side of the Foyer with 4 entrances if you want 4 entrances to your Barbican.

Swan Rooms:

Instead of having a few rooms of each size set to have swans in them, all rooms in the 250, 300, 350, and 400 stacks have swans in them. If you don’t want to play with Swans, simply ignore the swan icons on those tiles.

No room tiles have multiple swans in them any longer.

Secrets Rooms: 

All rooms included in Secrets are also included in Collector’s Edition, but they are not distinct from the base game room tiles. There is no need to sort room tiles during setup; just shuffle all rooms of a size and count out the ones you need for your player count. This allows each game to have a wider variety of room types in each stack. Some of the rooms in Secrets have been modified, due in part to the removal of swans from those rooms.

Favors & Bonus Cards:

These include certain items for expansions, such as swans, moats, and 325 (tower) rooms. If you aren’t playing with some of those, either remove them during setup or replace any drawn Favor or Bonus card from an expansion you aren’t using with another from the supply.

Room cards:

The Room card deck includes 5 “325” Room cards. If you aren’t playing with the Towers expansion, be sure to remove those cards before creating your starting Room card deck of 22, 33, or 44 cards.

New Expansions:

The Towers and Royal Decrees expansions were not included in the 1st Edition of Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

5 Player Rules:

The 5 player rules are new and require the use of the Towers expansion. We recommend you not play with 5 players if this is your first game. One of the reasons for this is the difficulty in budgeting your money over more rounds between being the Master Builder.

When playing with 5 players, each price in the market will have 1 room except the 15000 market space, which will have 2 room tiles under it. A total of 8 rooms will be available to purchase in the market.


You receive BOTH the room completion bonus and the Tower completion bonus when you complete a Tower room. You may choose to take these in any order you like.

Favors are not used in solo games. This includes Tower Favors.

If not playing with the Towers expansion, remove the 5 “325” Room cards from the Room card deck before setup.

Royal Decrees:

Always use 2 more Decrees than the number of players.

The Master Builder always gets the last choice when choosing Decrees. They should have 3 Decrees to choose from.


Page 15:

When placing a Moat causes the room deck to become depleted, the game will end after the current round (not the current turn, which was printed in the rulebook).

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Table Size for Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector's  Royal Edition: Colossal Moats And Barbicans

Two 30”x72” tables 4 can play comfortably and 5 is a little tight but still playable!