One Night Ultimate Werewolf

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One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fast-paced game where everyone gets to be a different role. In the course of only one night and the following morning, the players will determine who among them is a werewolf...hopefully. One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a microgame of the party game Ultimate Werewolf that doesn't need a moderator. There's no elimination, and each game lasts about 10 minutes.

  • Each player gets a unique role: A Werewolf, Seer, Troublemaker, or another, all with special abilities
  • After a secret night phase that includes changing roles, players have just 5 minutes to find a Werewolf
  • Includes a free iOS/Android app that makes playing incredibly engaging and addictive
  • May be combined with any game(s) in the One Night series for epic battles
  • 3-10 players, Ages 8 and up

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Download the companion app for Android

Download the companion app for iOS

Run the app directly on the web

Download the app for Mac or Windows

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I'm always a werewolf, and I always lose. How do I win?

We suggest that you lie occasionally. Or even better, all the time. Not just in the game, but in real life. To practice, the next time someone asks "How are you?" make up a ridiculous story like "Not so well. After falling into a vat of peanut butter, I was attacked by a troop of ravenous baboons. Their leader had a strong French accent, and he told me that I smelled like strawberries before kicking me out of his truck in the middle of the frozen tundra." But say it with a straight face. You will then proceed to kick butt at One Night games.

Why doesn't the app work on my [insert name of 1990’s cell phone here]?

The app works on a ridiculous number of iOS and Android devices, and Mac and Windows computers. You can even run it right off of the Interwebs from pretty much any device, if that's your thing (see a whole bunch of links above). If you still can't run the app, technology is not your friend, but one of your actual friends probably has a device that can run it. Also, please be sure to press the "Play" button in case that's where you're stuck.


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