Favor of the Pharaoh


In Favor of the Pharaoh, players roll dice to advance in Egyptian society, each turn gaining a new contact and more influence. These contacts give players more dice to roll or special powers to adjust those dice. The game culminates in a tense final roll-off as players vie for the Pharaoh's favor.

This re-imagining of Tom Lehmann's earlier game "To Court the King” boasts over 50 different characters, each of whom has a unique ability. In each game, only 21 of those characters are used, increasing variety and replay value. Also new are 6 different custom dice with special abilities, special Immediate dice, and bonus tokens that are used to tweak players' rolls.

More than 100 sturdy tiles depict the characters with easy-to-read imagery. Double-sided level bars organize them and vary their claiming requirements from game to game, while pyramid-shaped dice frames hold players' locked dice. For the final roll-off, notched slots mark the high roll, while the current leader holds the wooden Pharaoh token.

To store everything, the game comes in a big box (Ticket to Ride size) with an insert. Re-developed and expanded by Ted Alspach and Tom Lehmann.

Ordering directly from Bezier Games gives you the option of 64 additional dice, so that players don't have to share any dice during the game. This does not affect gameplay, it is merely an extra add-on for our customers!

  • Race to earn the Favor of the Pharaoh by befriending all levels of Egyptian society
  • Players use dice to purchase tiles that provide even more dice and dice manipulation powers
  • More than 100 tiles included, making each game unique
  • Includes more than 25 high-quality translucent and custom dice
  • 2-4 players, Ages 13 and up
  • Free iOS/Android customizable setup app

Click HERE for the rulebook!


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