Official Inserts

Official Inserts

May 01, 2021

We are pumped to be working with talented insert companies to bring you options on how to keep Whistle Mountain organized! These official inserts would make any gamer happy while navigating the skies of Whistle Mountain!

First up we have an insert designed by Broken Token! This insert is made out of Baltic Birch, has removable trays, and assembly is required. Not only does this insert come with 9 removable trays, there are fun design elements from the game throughout the insert! Click here to be taken to Broken Token’s Whistle Mountain insert


The second option comes from Insert Here! This Whistle Mountain insert has separate player trays, a resource tray, a star tray and more, making set up & tear down easy! This insert is sturdy, compact, and ready to be taken out of the box & onto your gaming table. Click here to be taken to Insert Here’s Whistle Mountain insert. 

Safely secure your airships and workers until the next game night with an insert from Broken Token or Insert Here!

Broken Token Whistle Mountain Insert

Insert Here Whistle Mountain Insert

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